Project Zero 3: The Tormented

Project Zero 3: The Tormented

No matter how many rave reviews the Project Zero games seem to get over here, a mixture of publisher indifference, retailer apathy and consumer foolishness has maddeningly conspired to completely scupper any chance of Tecmo's superb survival-horror series selling in Europe. Now onto its fourth European publisher, we can only hope that Take-Two recognises the strength of the series and can do a little more than push it into the dark recesses of store shelves when it finally gets its belated release across the continent next month.

Now that we've got our traditional Exasperated Commercial Failure(TM) rant over with (and in record time! First paragraph!), the basic gist is that the latest in the hugely admired Fatal Frame/Project Zero series is absolutely brilliant as well. In the words of Simon Pegg: Skip to the end. 8/10. Job done, go and buy it (on 24th February, before you ask).

You might reasonably ask that if it's so goddamned brilliant then why only an eight? Sure, in survival-horror I've-completed-all-six-Resis and all-four-Silent Hills-uberfan's parlance, it's a nailed-on must buy. But cruel, heartless reviewers that we are, we have to douse the exuberance in a few tears of regret. Tecmo has done what do many developers do: made roughly the same game again, added a few nice new features, padded out the content a bit and said 'thankyouverymuchthat'llbefiftyEuroplease'.

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Project Zero 3 dated for Europe

Take-Two to publish this one.

Take-Two will publish Tecmo's latest survival horror title Fatal Frame III: The Tormented for PS2 in Europe, the publisher's announced. The previous two in the series were released here by Wanadoo and Ubisoft respectively.

Project Zero producer speaks

Kikuchi wants to eat your soul!

Fatal Frame producer, Keisuke Kikuchi, has divulged more details about Tecmo's imminent adventure-horror sequel, Fatal Frame III - the third game in the series known as Project Zero on these shores.

Tecmo back in the Fatal Frame

New Fatal Frame / Project Zero on the way.

Tecmo is working on a third game in the Fatal Frame series, known as Project Zero over here (where it never sells, much to our continuing disappointment. Buy it you sods), which is around 60 per cent complete and due out on PS2 this summer in Japan.