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Project Zero 4 for February?

Freaky Wii title goes West.

The newest and fourth instalment in the Fatal Frame (Project Zero) series may be out here on Wii as soon as February.

That's according to Official Nintendo Magazine (spotted by Aussie Nintendo), which aired the first non-Japanese date for the spooky game. We've asked Nintendo for clarification.

Retailer Play suggests a February arrival for Fatal Frame IV: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse. And, if the game kept that name, it would be the first time the US title was used for the series in Europe.

Little is known about Fatal Frame IV, released in Japan earlier this summer. In fact, all we've seen so far is a freaky trailer featuring the paparazzi heroine wandering alone through haunted houses and bumping into some supernatural surprises.

Pop over to Eurogamer TV for a look.

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