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No ETA on Return to Ostagar launch

Troublesome title update gone from Live.

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BioWare has said it is uncertain when troubled Dragon Age DLC Return to Ostagar will be released on any format following yesterday's second snafu.

This week a patch designed to pave the way for the DLC was found to have a problem that affected levelling, and BioWare was quick to pull the DLC from Xbox Live as a result. Now the troublesome patch has followed.

"The Title Update has been removed by Microsoft. If anyone was worried about playing their copy of Dragon Age: Origins on their Xbox 360 while this was present, you no longer need to worry," BioWare's Chris Priestly informed fans on the official forum. Priestly said that the team is still working on a fix.

"We are checking all versions of Return to Ostagar to ensure that there are no outstanding issues or the possibility of introducing new ones. Currently, we do not have an ETA for the release of Return to Ostagar on any platform."

The DLC had originally been due for release on PC and Xbox 360 on 5th January, with a PS3 version to follow, but was delayed at the last minute due to a technical issue discovered in the Xbox 360 version.

The pack, which will cost 400 Microsoft Points (£3.40 / €4.80) on Xbox Live, £3.99 on PS3 and 400 BioWare Points (£3.10) on PC, takes players back to the scene of Cailan's demise at the start of the game, also offering another chance to recruit the dog (which I personally recommend - my dog, Barky, is a prince among fools).

Return to Ostagar will be followed by the Dragon Age expansion Awakening on 16th March.

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