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EA's Xbox Live rebate deal extended

Get your money back in early Feb.

EA's explained to Eurogamer that Xbox Live users awaiting an 800 MSP bonus (offered as part of a Christmas 'buy our stuff' campaign) will be credited when the promotion has finished.

The closing date had been today, but an EA spokesperson said the campaign has now been extended until end of January. This means the "likely" bonus-giving period is early February.

EA's campaign offers an 800 MSP rebate to any Xbox Live user buying three pieces or more of selected EA content. This ranges from full games like Mass Effect to downloadable content and XBLA games like Boom Boom Rocket. A full list can be found on the dedicated EA web-page.

EA's spokesperson also highlighted the terms and conditions all whom participate agree to. They read: "The free Points will be automatically deposited into your Xbox LIVE account after the end of the promotion period. Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery."

Attention was drawn to the promotion when participants expecting an instant rebate were inevitably disappointed. Readers wrote to Eurogamer when forum threads asking for an explanation went missing.