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EA polling about Woods "controversy"

Would it put you off buying golf games?

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While EA is publicly backing Tiger Woods, the publisher is reportedly polling people to see whether the golfer's infamous "mistakes off the course", to borrow Peter Moore's phrase, will affect sales of its games.

In a recent Greenfield Online survey (thanks Kotaku), the publisher is seen to ask whether the controversy has "made your impressions of EA Sports more or less favourable". The survey also asks: "Has the controversy made you more or less likely to buy a Tiger Woods-related videogame in the future?" (More!)

Earlier this month EA Sports boss Peter Moore updated his blog with a post supporting Woods, apparently on the basis that EA had chosen to work with the golfer for sporting reasons and not so he could "act as an arm's length endorser".

Given that the decision appears to have been made to stick with him, presumably the survey is either old or geared towards something else, like marketing, or what kind of message to write in a sympathy card e.g. "Sorry about your mistakes off the course, best keep your head down for a bit. Love (too soon?), Pete."

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