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EA unveils Tiger Woods PGA Tour Online

Subscription-based PC/Mac browser game.

EA has announced Tiger Woods PGA Tour Online for PC and Mac, due out this autumn, which will be playable through a web browser.

TWPTO will start out with Pebble Beach, TPC Sawgrass and St. Andrews courses and others will be added regularly thereafter.

There will be tournaments and community features, and the game can be suspended and resumed at any point, allowing for quick dips in and out at work or wherever.

EA said the game will offer a "multi-tiered subscription plan", and invited people to sign up for the (free) beta at

EA Sports boss Peter Moore said on his blog that the game reflects EA's new approach to the PC business.

"You can expect experimentation in subscriptions, premium downloadable content, downloads sponsored by advertisers, micro-transactions, free-to-play models and massive tournament play," he said of EA Sports' PC efforts.

"I will say this again as clearly as I can - we are great believers in the PC as a viable platform for sports games, but not following the norms of the previous business model."

Check out our Tiger Woods PGA Tour Online screenshot gallery to see the game running on PC and Mac.