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"No more" Burnout Paradise DLC

"We did WAY more than everyone else."

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Criterion has said that there will be "no more" Burnout Paradise downloadable content as the two-year anniversary of the game's release rolls around.

"Please stop asking us for Burnout Paradise DLC. There will be no more! Sorry everyone! But we did WAY more than everyone else," the developer tweeted yesterday.

Admittedly one of the earlier tweets also said: "You must not read anything into these tweets. We not 'teasing' or 'announcing' anything game-related. Never on Twitter anyway."

But then the studio has used it in the past to rubbish rumours about its upcoming Need for Speed reboot.

Meanwhile, the developer can indeed claim to have done loads of downloadable content for Burnout Paradise, with a series of updates bearing funky codenames introducing new multiplayer modes, day/night cycles, motorbikes, dynamic weather, cars inspired by movies and TV shows, toy cars and even an entire new island.

Apparently the developer also considered boats, planes and even time travel at various points during DLC development.

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