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Crackdown 2 demo is a definite

Ruffian dishing out taster before launch.

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Ruffian Games has revealed that Crackdown 2 will "definitely" get a pre-release demo, thank goodness.

"You can definitely expect a demo to hit Live before the game is out but I can't say when that will be... Yet. The Crackdown demo was fantastic and we want to carry on in that form," James Cope, producer, told IGN (via VG247).

Open-world games can often prove tricky to cut into demo-sized chunks, making a sampler far from a shoe-in.

The original Crackdown not only managed a sampler but offered cooperative online play as well as a single-player trial. We hope Cope's comments mean a Crackdown 2 demo will offer us a taste of the new four-player online play.

Crackdown 2 is due for release early this year, although when exactly is still unclear.

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