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THQ signs new eight-year WWE deal

But must pay WWE/Jakks $33.2m.

THQ has agreed an exclusive deal to make WWE videogames for the next eight years, the publisher announced over the holidays.

The company has also settled its legal disputes with WWE and toy licensee Jakks Pacific. Nobody's admitting any wrongdoing, but THQ has to pay $33.2 million to the two companies over four years.

"[2009's] highly rated WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2010 videogame demonstrates the innovation and creativity that THQ brings to WWE," said WWE chairman Vince McMahon (kayfabe, presumably).

"This new licensing agreement will ensure that we continue our tremendous success in the videogame industry in the years to come."

Last year WWE launched a new pay-per-view live wrestling event to support the launch of SmackDown vs. Raw.

Called Bragging Rights, it saw wrestlers from "rival" US TV shows WWE SmackDown and WWE RAW competing against one another.

Chris Jericho was best, as ever.