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THQ wins WWE suit against Jakks

Developer entitled to less money.

THQ has won the latest legal bout with Jakks regarding who owns what of the WWE licence.

The court ruling means Jakks may only now claim six per cent of royalties from WWE SmackDown vs. RAW game sales, according to Kotaku. The developer was previously entitled to 10 per cent and, furthermore, the ruling is retroactive right back to July 2006.

THQ, therefore, stands to make around $23m extra during the quarter ending September 2009.

This latest scuffle follows tussling between the two in June, when THQ claimed Jakks had no authorisation to seek renewal of the WWE licence without publisher permission.

THQ has a sturdy leg to stand on, of course - as new fighting series UFC 2009: Undisputed enjoys critical and commercial success.

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WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2010

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