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THQ not keen to renew WWE vows

But Jakk's is. Fight. Legally.

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Publisher THQ has filed suit against WWE SmackDown vs Raw developer Jakk's for renewing the wrestling licence without permission.

THQ claims the developer had "no authorisation" and that it is under "no obligation" to renew, according to a statement. Perhaps THQ doesn't want to make another WWE SmackDown vs. Raw game.

Or the publisher may be mirroring EA's decision to alternate Fight Night and MMA releases.

Whatever the reason, the success of UFC 2009: Undisputed is likely to play a role, as the brutal sport simulator enjoys fifth place this week in the UK All-Formats chart - weeks after its late-May launch.

And while we're on the topic of MMA: there's a rumour doing the rounds that UFC will blacklist any fighter signing for EA's new brawler, according to Joystiq.

What would Mike Tyson do?

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