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Peter Jackson enjoying Mod War 2

Likes games more than films right now.

Megastar movie director Peter Jackson has said he's been playing a lot of Modern Warfare 2 lately - and that in fact, he's currently enjoying playing games more than watching films.

"I am almost through two player co-op, though I haven't quite reached the last level," he told Aintitcoolnews. "It's a great game. I'm enjoying these games more than I am enjoying films at the moment.

"And they are using a lot of the film techniques now, especially the cinematic areas or those little movie things," Jackson continued. "They are starting to really blend them in and you get the feeling that you are watching substantial bits of prerecorded animation which is still great, though, because they are dynamic and done well. They didn’t used to be done very well in the old days, but there are people that actually know what they are doing."

Jackson confirmed he is also involved with game development, and is currently working on tie-ins for the new Hobbit and Tintin movies. He didn't mention that Halo film, though.

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