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MS dates, prices Vandal Hearts XBLA

Same day as Squenix's Death by Cube.

Konami's Xbox Live Arcade game Vandal Hearts: Flames of Judgement will be released 20th January. A date for the PSN version hasn't been announced.

This nostalgic strategy RPG will be pricey at 1200 MSP (£10.20/€14).

Flames of Judgement's aimed as a prequel to Konami's PSone game Vandal Hearts from 1997. The story follows Tobias Martin who must gather followers to prevent his homeland of Sostegaria from war.

Konami's said to have been working hard on accessibility and presentation as well as installing multiple endings and deep character customisation.

An email from Microsoft also revealed a 20th January date for Death by Cube, Square Enix's top-down and bloody robot shooter. Cubes are the baddies and they zip towards your robot hero on a simplified battlefield. Multiplayer is given a special mention, although what form this will take we do not know.

Death by Cube will cost 800 MSP (£6.80/€9.60).