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PlatinumGames reveals Vanquish

Bayonetta dev's next looks like Halo.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

PlatinumGames, developer of Bayonetta and MadWorld, has revealed its next game - Vanquish.

Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami is at the helm. Details such as platforms, dates and even basic gameplay mechanics are scarce.

A trailer video shows a man being decked out in technologically advanced armour and tackling an "enemy" that has destroyed - using an Independence Day-style laser - what appears to be New York City.

Whether this enemy is alien or human we do not know, but they have a strong presence in space and some fancy technology. Interestingly, the high-tech man appears to be watching the footage from a different country - a European country, it looks like.

Eventually he finds himself on-board an enemy vessel, taking on giant walking gunships with what looks like an assault rifle.

The video will be available shortly on Eurogamer TV. Until then, you can find it on the PlatinumGames website.

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