Digital Foundry | PC Vanquish is every bit as good as you would hope

Higher resolutions and an unlocked frame-rate massively improve Platinum's last-gen classic.

Vanquish confirmed for PC

And it's out this month.

Sega petitioned to release more games on PC

Particularly its Japanese crop.

The wait continues for Retro City Rampage on European PSN

Perhaps we should GO on Counter-Strike.

Cliffy B: Japan game devs must not ignore multiplayer

"The fact Vanquish didn't have multiplayer was a crime."

PlatinumGames better sticking to one IP?

"They are an excellent studio," says Sega.

Iron Man vindicates SEGA's movie milking

Profits up, despite harsh conditions.

Platinum: "industry deeply saddens us"

Outlines new vision, Platinum Next.

Western Vanquish and FM11 sales "slow"

Both fail to reach one million units sold.

Mikami: What Vanquish might have been

Departing director reveals original concept.

Artwork hints at new Mikami project

Creepy sketches show up on dev blog.

SEGA encouraged by Vanquish sales

But admits it faces a "challenge".

UK chart: Fallout: New Vegas wins big

Vanquish, DJ Hero 2, MMA miss top 10.

Digital Foundry | Vanquish PS3/360 input latency tests

Xbox 360 and PS3 versions' input lag compared.

Digital Foundry | Vanquish PS3/360 gameplay performance

Analysis of gameplay segments from both SKUs.

Digital Foundry | Vanquish PS3/360 cut-scene performance

Engine performance tests using like-for-like scenes.

Digital Foundry | Vanquish: Xbox 360/PS3 Face-Off

Platinum's superb shooter compared on both HD consoles.

Vanquish 720p comparison gallery

Full Face-Off goes live tomorrow.

Digital Foundry | Vanquish Playthrough Time-Lapse

Just how much "game" is there in Platinum's latest?

Video | Vanquish launch trailer

Mikami's latest ready to shoot.

Shinji Mikami explains Vanquish demo

Putting the content in context.

Feature | PlatinumGames' Atsushi Inaba talks Vanquish

"We always prioritise gameplay over story."

Video | The enemies of Vanquish

How to finish your foes.

Inaba joins East vs. West debate

Says Japan's never heard of Call of Duty.

Second Vanquish demo coming to EU/US

"After the launch of the game."

Video | Vanquish TGS footage

New video from Sega's shooter.

Vanquish, R.U.S.E. demos on PS3 now

Store update welcomes Alien Breed, too.

Digital Foundry | Vanquish demo showdown

Platinum targets PS3 as lead platform.

Digital Foundry | Vanquish demo PS3/360 performance analysis

PS3 version boasts zero-tear v-synced gameplay.

Vanquish demo held back on 360

PS3 version "hopefully" this afternoon.

Video | Vanquish demo - first 15 minutes

Rich scampers through Platinum's latest.



Vanquish demo due next week

Play the prologue and fight a boss.

Video | Vanquish gets a gameplay trailer

Rocket-sliding robot slaughter from Mikami.

SEGA dates Vanquish for Europe

Platinum's Halo beater for October.

Vanquish due out in October

Mikami shooter gets firm month.


Shinji Mikami's cover shooter.


We were promised jet-slides.

Video | Brand new Vanquish trailer

Building the tension pre-E3.

Mikami explains setting for Vanquish

"America's a carnivore, Japan's vegetarian."

No multiplayer modes for Vanquish

Shinji Mikami explains the decision.

Feature | Vanquish

Platinum seller?

Platinum's Vanquish for Japan this winter

Bayonetta dev's next for PS3 and 360.

Video | Vanquish reveal trailer

Halo, is it me you're looking for?

PlatinumGames reveals Vanquish

Bayonetta dev's next looks like Halo.