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Shinji Mikami explains Vanquish demo

Putting the content in context.

PlatinumGames' Shinji Mikami has gone into detail about the content of the Vanquish demo content released so far.

Writing on the studio's official website in English, Mikami explained that there have been two demos so far in Japan. The Velocity Attack demo was taken from the campaign mode, while Vanquish Challenge Mode Demo "is part of an unlockable extra mode".

"We called the stage used in Velocity Attack room number 110, and I have to admit that I forgot what the code name was for the challenge mode room," Mikami wrote. "(I have the habit of being the guy who forgets everything the minute development is over...)

"Room 110 is pretty much exactly as you will find it in the game. In the full version of Vanquish, you will have the opening cinematic (the destruction of San Francisco and the infiltration of the colony), as well as the initial entrance into the colony with its baptism by enemy fire.

"The stage used in the Vanquish Challenge Mode Demo is actually a map from the actual game, but the enemies that appear are completely different. (Wait until you see the enemy drill robot in the final game, it is awesome!) In the full version, you will get a boss fight pretty soon after this area, and I really love the cut-scene that you see at that point. It is quite cool."

Mikami said that the demo was intended to be playable over and over again, just like the full game, and that "you can expect a consistent level of quality to the very last bullet".

We'll find out one way or another next week. The game's due out for PS3 and Xbox 360 on 22nd October and you'll be able to read our review at 5pm on Tuesday.

In the meantime check out our Vanquish hands-on preview, Digital Foundry's PS3 vs. Xbox 360 demo showdown and the latest trailer below.

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