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Artwork hints at new Mikami project

Creepy sketches show up on dev blog.

Looking for a clue as to what Shinji Mikami might be up to at Zenimax? Well, look no further than these spooky doodles that popped up on Tango Gameworks' blog.

Spotted by Siliconera and credited to 'O-sensei', there's no clue as to what exactly they represent or whether they pertain to a future game. Maybe they're just early ideas for Shinji's annual Christmas card?

Bethesda and id Software owner Zenimax last week announced that it had bought the Vanquish director's Tango Gameworks studio.

Earlier today Mikami confirmed that the deal would not affect his work with Suda51 on EA's forthcoming survival horror blockbuster Shadows of the Damned.