Shadows of the Damned


VideoVideo: Gaming's creepiest children

The kids aren't alright (they're scaring me please help).

Suda51 and the rise of Grasshopper Manufacture

No More Heroes' maniac creator lays out his masterplan.

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B-movies are pretty great. I mean sure, most of the scripts are terrible and the acting is enough to make Tim Curry's performance in Command & Conquer Red Alert 3 look oscar-worthy, but that's just part of what makes them so charming.

VideoVideo: Gaming's creepiest children

The kids aren't alright (they're scaring me please help).

Children are kind of useful, giving people who no longer fancy going to the pub very often something to fill their time with instead. They also ensure the continuation of the human race solely by existing, which is pretty impressive when you think about it. Apologies to any parents reading this by the way, I really am trying my best.

Suda51 blames publisher problems for low game sales

Shadows of the Damned, Killer7 and No More Heroes developer Grasshopper Manufacturer has suffered lower-than-hoped sales for its games due to the way publishers treat its games, boss Goichi "Suda51" Suda has claimed.

Grasshopper has worked with some of the biggest publishers in the industry - EA, Capcom, Warner Bros and Microsoft - but the size difference between them and Grasshopper was sometimes a problem, Suda told GamesIndustry International.

"Grasshopper does have a very strong base; it's just that because we were so indie, publishers were always [treating us] differently," Suda said.

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Grasshopper considering Shadows of the Damned sequel

Grasshopper considering Shadows of the Damned sequel

EA would "probably" be behind it.

Japanese developer Grasshopper is seriously considering a sequel to its schlocky action horror game Shadows of the Damned - and says publisher EA would "probably" be interested in it.

Shadows of the Damned released last year, a collaboration between Grasshopper's Suda 51, Shinji Mikami of Resident Evil fame and featuring a soundtrack from Akira Yamaoka, most famous for scoring the Silent Hill series. It was warmly received by critics, and its ending left the door wide open for a sequel - but a poor response at retail seemed to rule out that possibility.

Shadows of the Damned came in a lowly 31st in the UK charts when it launched here, and fared little better elsewhere, selling only 24,000 units in its first month on sale in the US and shifting just 9145 units on its first week on sale in Japan.

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Saturday Soapbox: Bring On The Next Generation

Before the games industry really loses it mojo.

You may have noticed that my splendid and lovely colleagues Oli Welsh and Martin Robinson have recently become embroiled in what may very well be the most polite argument in the history of the internet, debating whether or not 2011 has been a vintage year for gaming.

Suda51 and the rise of Grasshopper Manufacture

No More Heroes' maniac creator lays out his masterplan.

Things are changing at Grasshopper Manufacture. Two years ago it was a modest one-project-at-a-time Japanese studio, with only a sequel to boisterous Wii actioner No More Heroes sitting in its out-tray. Fast forward to 2011 and Eurogamer is sat in an exclusive bar in central Tokyo as famously flamboyant CEO Suda51 shows off not one, not two but nine new projects - all untested IP - currently at various stages of completion.

Single-player-only games need to change

Says Shadows of Damned director Guarini.

Shadows of the Damned director Massimo Guarini believes single-player-only games need to be cheaper. When they are, the pressure to justify cost will disperse and games can simply be.

UK top 40: Zumba conquers all

Resi 3DS and UFC fitness game struggle.

Best-selling dance fitness game Zumba Fitness has conquered the UK all-formats chart again, spending a third consecutive week up top.

Shadows of the Damned

Shadows of the Damned

Taking the Mikami.

There are many different examples of Shadows of the Damned repainting routine game mechanics with its lewd, puerile brand of creativity. There's the portal positioned over a call-girl's eager crotch on a billboard that must be climbed into to progress to the next area. Or the sex line you call in order to have your pistol, dubbed the "boner", upgraded to a "big boner" by having a girl talk dirty to it. Then, of course, there's the bridge of tits. It's a bridge that is made out of tits.

But perhaps nothing better exemplifies Shadows of the Damned's ability to make vulgar absurdity somehow relevant than than the person of William, a one-eyed levitating fish-bat who is so alarmed every time you enter his vicinity that he drops a flaming turd before tearing off down the street. It's a one-note scatological gag - but it's one with a higher purpose. The trail of smoking dung serves to show you the areas you've already explored, creating a stinking, gleaming light trail behind you.

Flammable excrement is the first of a great many childish, yet somehow endearing jokes that litter this EA-published collaboration between No More Heroes' Goichi Suda, AKA Suda51, and Resident Evil 4's Shinji Mikami. The story itself is a dark twist on convention, playing on gaming's proto-plot: rescue the girl from the kidnapper's castle. (Called Paula, she almost shares a name with Donkey Kong's proto-damsel, Pauline.)

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Out This Week - 24/06/11

Fear 3! SotD! Street Fighter! Trenched!

Eastern and western horror goes head to head this week, each supported by some big names. In the US corner, Fear 3 (or F.E.A.R. 3, or even worse, F.3.A.R.), supported by Halloween director John Carpenter and comic book writer Steve Niles.

Shadows of the Damned is comfortably among the most ridiculous games I have ever played (and I have played, amongst much else, a kissing simulator in which you had to work your way up from kissing gimps in sewers).

Grasshopper's Suda51

On Shadows of the Damned and more.

Goichi Suda has produced an amazingly eclectic body of work in his time. It includes a survival horror / erotic photography mashup, three games about lightsaber-wielding serial killers and an adventure title about a guy with a suitcase named Catherine. And yet he's still perhaps most famous for conducting interviews while on the bog.

Shadows of the Damned

A matter of light and death.

It was perhaps inevitable that a new action horror game involving Shinji Mikami would echo certain elements of Resident Evil 4, such as the claustrophobic camera angle you're forced into whenever you go to fire your gun.

Shadows of the Damned release date

Shadows of the Damned release date

Mikami and Suda 51 clash at GDC.

Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami and No More Heroes maker Suda 51's intriguing horror game Shadows of the Damned will launch worldwide on 7th June.

The two Japanese developers told an audience at the Game Developers Conference yesterday that the game's health system is alcohol based. When protagonist Garcia Hotspur is low on health a shot of booze gives him a boost. It works like that in real life, doesn't it?

DMD is influenced by Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez's shock flick Grindhouse, the pair said. Gameplay revolves around a light versus dark mechanic, which adds puzzle elements, and Hotspur's weapon is a shape shifting ex-demon named Johnson. Of course it is.

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Artwork hints at new Mikami project

Creepy sketches show up on dev blog.

Looking for a clue as to what Shinji Mikami might be up to at Zenimax? Well, look no further than these spooky doodles that popped up on Tango Gameworks' blog.

Shinji Mikami to continue on DMD

Sticking with chum Suda51.

Resident Evil 4 and Vanquish director Shinji Mikami will continue to develop Shadows of the Damned with Suda51 for EA despite his studio being bought by the parent company of rival publisher Bethesda.

Suda51 concerned by PlayStation Move

And outs games industry's biggest boozer.

The way PlayStation Move is sold - separately rather than in pairs - is problematic for developers, Grasshopper Manufacture CEO Goichi Suda has complained.

EA reveals Shadows of the Damned

Suda51 and Mikami's game out next summer.

Veteran developers Suda51 and Shinji Mikami have unveiled their latest project at EA's press conference in Tokyo.