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Suda admits Shadows of the Damned regret

"Really difficult" to succeed with new IP.

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Suda51 has admitted disappointment at how his recent horror shooter Shadows of the Damned fared at retail.

The Grasshopper Manufacture CEO told Eurogamer that it's hard to make a new IP stick in this day and age without a massive cash investment.

"Of course we always wish to have a big hit, but at the same time - not just in Japan, but worldwide - I think it's really difficult to be successful with a new IP," he explained.

"You really need an extraordinary amount of support to have a new franchise be successful. Unfortunately we couldn't really do as well as we hoped for."

When asked if there was anything he'd go back and change in the game, Suda expressed regret at the lack of online play.

"I had lots of ideas for online," he insisted. "If I could do it over again I would definitely include online features.

"Every title you release you always want to do more and more but I think it is also our job as a developer to set up an environment where we can actually create what we want to do."

Co-developed with Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami and published by EA, Shadows of the Damned has had a rough time of it since its June launch.

Despite picking up some positive reviews, it only managed to sell 24,000 copies in its first month on sale in the US, debuted at a lowly 31 in the UK charts and struggled to make any impact at all in following its belated Japanese release last week.

Despite the game's failure, Grasshopper's commitment to new IP seems undiminished. It recently announced zombie actioner Lollipop Chainsaw and Kinect effort Diabolical Pitch.

For more from the eccentric No More Heroes/killer7 creator, head on over to our full Suda interview.

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