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New Borderlands DLC ups level limit

Biggest add-on yet, says Gearbox.

The next batch of Borderlands DLC will increase the level limit over 50 and star Scooter, the potty-mouthed mechanic from New Haven.

After outing the news, level designer Jason Reiss wrote on the Gearbox forum (via Kotaku) that this upcoming add-on will be "the biggest DLC we have made".

Mikey Neumann, Gearbox's creative director, Tweeted that we'll see "More Scooter!", in response.

No other details were mentioned.

Borderlands has had two significant add-ons in The Zombie Island of Dr Ned and Mad Moxxi's Underdome Riot. The former opened a new island to explore while the latter introduced hardcore arena challenges for organised groups of friends.

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