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Games are "filled with hope", says LaBoeuf

Unlike fans of Indiana Jones franchise.

A galaxy of Hollywood stars have come out to show their support for videogames, which they believe represent an exciting and culturally valuable addition to the spectrum of entertainment not to mention a way to get more money.

"Videogames are more successful than films," Indiana Jones star Shia LaBoeuf told GamePro. "It's just a different form of entertainment that's more of a tangible, visceral, emotional experience. Videogames are emotional now. They've become cinematic, but they're filled with feeling, meaning and hope." Which is ironic if you consider what films have become judging by what The Crystal Skull is filled with.

LaBoeuf provided voiceovers for both Transformers games - as did his co-star from the films, Megan "literally a" Fox. She reckons gaming is becoming "something cool instead of just something nerdy", adding, "It's something that's trendy and super-accessible."

However, the vast majority of games based on films are completely rubbish - as Lost and BloodRayne star Michelle Rodriguez is only too aware. "Anybody knows that with $20 million, and a good freaking two years, you can make a good videogame," she said. "Not freakin' $10 million and a year with a lot of publicity. Gamers don't fall for that sh*t. In a week, it'll be on f**king sale for 10 bucks."

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