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SEGA reveals UK AVP retailer deals

Split between Play, Game, HMV.

SEGA's revealed three Aliens vs. Predator pre-order deals for the UK - one each for GAME, HMV and Play.

Play's bagged codes to unlock new looks for characters. There's the Serpent Hunter skin for Predators, Sergeant Kaneko skin for Marines and Number 6 skin for Aliens. Pre-order price is £39.99 on consoles, £17.99 for PC.

GAME's been awarded the Survivor Edition of Aliens vs. Predator. This offers steel-book packaging and four multiplayer maps: docks, outpost, machine and hive. Pre-order price is £54.99 on consoles, £34.99 on PC.

And HMV's scooped the biggy: the Hunter Edition. This includes a replica facehugger alien model, Weylund-Yutani fabric badge, 3D lenticular postcard and those four maps plus steel case. Pre-order price is a surprising £59.99 on consoles, £39.99 on PC.

Might as well get the facehugger.

Aliens vs. Predator will be released on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 on 19th February.