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Euro ModNation Racers beta dated

Gets underway this month.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Sony's announced a 22nd January starting date for the European ModNation Racers beta.

There are a 100,000 places available for testers, and those will be given to people who log on to the PlayStation Store this Thursday and download the beta client.

Be quick, as after 100,000 downloads, the ModNations Racers beta client will disappear from the PS Store.

Gain entry and four pre-made courses await, two of which are exclusive to Europe. You can also get busy with the game's creation tools and dream up characters, karts and alpine-themed courses.

The European ModNations Racers beta will end on Valentine's Day: 14th February.

The full game - a kind of LittleBigPlanet-meets-racing affair - will be released later this year.

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