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ModNation PSP demo due next week

Plus: free DLC promised shortly.

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Update: Sony has been in touch to let us know that the ModNation Racers PSP demo will be out here on 19th May.

Original story: Sony has announced plans to release a demo for the PSP version of ModNation Racers.

"In this demo we included a couple of our favourite tracks, some familiar Mods and their karts, and of course, a sneak peek of our amazing Track Studio," wrote producer Vernon Mollette on the PlayStation blog.

"To start you off we dropped in eight Elite and Pre-made Mods and their karts to light up a couple of new tracks, including Lost Temple and Flaming Jumps." The demo will also let users muck about with the Alpine theme in the Track Studio. It's due to arrive on the US PS Store on Tuesday 11th May, so expect a UK version when our Store is updated on the Thursday.

Sony is also planning to release some free DLC for ModNation Racers, titled Air Raid. It's "a sweet Mod that drives an even sweeter Fighter Plane Kart", according to Sony's Chuck Lacson.

"If you're lucky enough to get a voucher for this character, you don't just get to play as Air Raid, but you can get all the accessories that come with him to create your own "Ace" driver and slick Air Fighter-styled kart," apparently. Vouchers will be given out "in many different ways", as will be revealed on the PS blog.

ModNation Racers will be released here on 21st May. Read our review for the full lowdown.

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