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Sony to expand PSN to other products

Unified login/wallet for PS3, Bravia, VAIO.

Sony Computer Entertainment president Kaz Hirai has announced plans to expand the PlayStation Network to cover other products.

Speaking at CES in Las Vegas overnight, Hirai explained that from next month PSN would begin to cover things like Bravia TVs, Blu-ray players, VAIOs and Windows PCs made by the company.

The ultimate goal, he said, is for a unified login and wallet across all platforms, so for example anyone with a PSN ID would be able to log in to an internet-equipped Bravia TV and spend money, and vice versa.

Finally, in order to handle all this exciting expansion, the company has also built a new division, Sony Network Entertainment. And guess who the president is? I will give you a clue: Riiiiiiiiiiidge... Racer!

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