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Picross 3D dated for March

Fewer rules, more logic.

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Nintendo's announced plans to release DS nonogram puzzler Picross 3D on 5th March in Europe.

The transition from a paper-style layout to 3D means you'll now be chiselling out objects from a block by eliminating cubes based on numeric information in surrounding rows and columns.

No I don't understand either, but apparently Picross 3D has fewer rules than Picross DS, and relies solely on logic to solve puzzles rather than contradictions between multiple rows.

There's a level editor, and creations from it can be uploaded and shared online. Nintendo promises there will be official puzzles to download, too.

Picross DS is one of the handheld's most fiendishly compelling puzzlers. Head over to our Picross DS review from 2007 to find out why.

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