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Darwinia+ on XBLA in February

Two great games for 10 quid.

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Introversion's announced a 10th February release for Darwinia+ on Xbox Live Arcade.

The game will cost 1200 Microsoft Points (£10.20/€14).

Finally Xbox 360 owners will be able to experience the hit indie game that won hearts in 2005 and awards in 2006.

But this is much more than a simple port, as Darwinia+ contains not only a revamped and more user-friendly version of that iconic hit, but also the multiplayer game Multiwinia. The latter was released as a standalone product on PC, so this package represents real bang for your buck (punch for your pound?).

Darwinia+ is a blend of Cannon Fodder and Lemmings - a strategy game where charming vector-styled Darwinians must be lead to safety by squads of soldiers. There's an evil computer program polluting a world and you must stop it.

Read our separate Darwinia and Multiwinia reviews or absorb an interview with Introversion's Mark Morris to find out more.

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