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Fat Princess patched with new map today

Also: it's ModNation Racers beta time.

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Patch 1.04 for Fat Princess is released today, says the PlayStation blog, and it includes a free new map.

The map's called Brownie Town and it's city-themed. Among the fixes is the correction of a problem with online rankings whereby Team Deathmatch and Invasion all-time and monthly scores weren't posting correctly.

Elsewhere on PSN, it's worth reminding you that the European beta for intriguing build-your-own kart racer ModNation Racers begins tomorrow, and today's the day you'll be able to download the client from the PlayStation Store.

There are 100,000 places on the beta, and it's first come, first served, so watch for that PSN update like a hawk. The beta includes four premade tracks, two exclusive to Europe, plus the chance to make your own.

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