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Uncharted 2 getting new skins in Japan

Killzone! Resistance! InFamous!

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Update: Naughty Dog has Tweeted (thanks, Zero_) that this information may not be right at all. There's no word on what is, however - only a warning:

"What a morning! We've read some inaccurate news regarding our DLC making the rounds. More - and accurate - info coming soon, stay tuned!

Original story: Sony Japan has revealed plans for three bouts of Uncharted 2 DLC, starting with skins based on characters from Killzone 2, Resistance 2 and InFamous.

The first lot is free and will arrive on 28th January, alongside a demo of the game. There are a few screenshots of the skins in our Uncharted 2 gallery.

The next batch is dated for 25th February and will contain converted maps and skins from Uncharted 1.

The third and final instalment is penned for 15th April. In this will be a co-operative multiplayer mode plus four new maps and five new skins.

So far this added content has been confirmed only for Japan, where it will help promote the release of an Uncharted 2 Twin Pack - containing UC1 and UC2 - on 18th February.

We're grilling Sony about plans outside of Japan.

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