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HMV: Heavy Rain date is unconfirmed

Data required for retailer to take orders.

Retailer HMV has clarified to Eurogamer that Heavy Rain's release date - listed on HMV.com as 26th February - is actually still unconfirmed.

This ties in with Sony's silence on the matter earlier in the day.

"The release date is still TBC as we understand it," an HMV spokesperson told us, "but in order to list items on [our website] and to make them available for pre-order - or to enable customers to register their interest so we can keep them updated - we have to put a release date on the system.

"We have therefore used the unconfirmed date as the best information available to us at the present time."

Nevertheless, HMV's unconfirmed date has been picked up by most other retailers, including Amazon, Play, ShopTo and GAME.

We wouldn't be surprised if they'd hit the nail on the head.