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Capcom making "gamer's game" for Natal

Reviving brand we've not seen in "a while".

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Capcom is promising not to treat Natal as a "gimmick", and has revealed that a "gamer's game" is in development for the motion-sensing Xbox 360 camera.

It won't be ready at Natal's launch this autumn, Capcom's vocal business boss Christian Svensson told G4TV, but will be a game from a brand "we haven't seen in a while".

"What we're doing is creating it from the ground up for Natal, in this case," Svensson said. "We're not looking at Natal as, 'OK, here's a little Natal gimmick that we've worked into some existing game.'

"The approach is we're gonna make a 'gamers game' for Natal using something amongst our brand history," he continued. "I know [Keiji] Inafune is really excited about it, he's been very vocal both in Japan and with the media about his vision of what Natal brings. I'm going to have to ask you to wait and see.

"We're not going to be at launch, just to temper the expectations," he added. "We're gonna cook something and it's gonna to take a while to cook."

Keiji Inafune created Mega Man, for what that's worth.

But before all that, Capcom will patch Resident Evil 5 to work with Sony's new motion-sensing toy, the PS3 magic wand. That's out this spring, although Sony's still not officially named the device.

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