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Game prices will fall, predicts EA

The future is downloadable content.

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EA Canada senior suit wearer Jason DeLong has peered into his crystal ball and seen a future where game prices fall rather than rise - a future he believes is only a handful of years away.

"We're going to start to see - maybe not in the next year, but in the near future - games go down the route of smaller up-front experiences and lower prices at the beginning, and then the ability to extend the game through episodic material or future feature material," he told Game Informer.

"Games are getting more expensive and times are tough, and it's getting harder to purchase every game you want. So, how can we keep people playing and offer them more but not have to make them break the bank to do it?" he asked himself. "It's going to be an interesting creative problem for us to solve."

I can't remember ever being able to afford all the games I wanted; they've never been cheap.

EA has made strides in this direction before, first with Burnout: Paradise and it's commitment to offering new downloadable content, and now with Dragon Age: Origins, which BioWare has promised two years of post-release support for.

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