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Paradox reveals Sword of the Stars II

A "major step" for PC strategy games.

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Paradox Interactive has announced a sequel to well-regarded PC space strategy game Sword of the Stars.

Due early next year, SOTS2 promises to be a "major step forward" for 4X gameplay, which is to say games that are based around exploration, expansion, exploitation and extermination. Good examples of these are the Civlization and Total War series.

Familiar SOTS factions will return, and there will be the opportunity to explore the ancient Suul'ka race. But beyond that, SOTS2's content remains a mystery.

"When it comes to the game itself, Sword of the Stars 2 will be far more than just a sequel where the graphics have been tuned up and a new unit or two thrown in. Instead players can look forward to a whole new game that is based on the central SOTS experience, but willing and able to grow beyond it to offer even more in terms of strategy, tactics and gameplay." said Martin Cirulis, head of developer Kerberos Productions.

Sword of the Stars was released in 2006, and has since received three major expansions: Born of Blood, A Murder of Crows, Argos Naval Yard.

Head over to the Sword of the Stars website to find out more.

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