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530 Eco Shooter on WiiWare today

It's Duck Hunt with morals.

There's an exciting planet-friendly WiiWare game on offer today called 530 Eco Shooter.

Exciting because Metroid developer Intelligent System made it. Pay 1000 Wii Points (£7/€10) and step into the shoes of Mack, a recycling plant worker. He's trying to prevent evil Cannoid creatures from using the world's can supply to destroy our planet. On his own he's useless, but armed with his recycling cannon he makes a difference.

It's basically Duck Hunt but with cans. The official 530 Eco Shooter website can tell you more.

Over on DSiWare, meanwhile, is Gameloft's action RPG Legends of Exidia. Swords: check, sorcery: check, levels: check, loot: check - it's all in there. Legends of Exidia costs 800 DSi Points (£7.20/€8).

Also on DSiWare are two more Electroplankton creatures to hit and make music on. They are Luminarrow and Sun-Animalcule, and they cost 200 DSi Points (£1.80/€2) each.

On Virtual Console there's Street Fighter Alpha 2. a SNES game, this mixed combos and counters into the Street Fighter pot. Three new characters also showed up: Rolento, Sakura and Gen. Street Fighter Alpha 2 costs 800 Wii Points (£5.60/€8).

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