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Mass Effect 2 DLC details this week

BioWare won't charge for launch content.

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BioWare has said it will not charge for any Mass Effect 2 downloadable content released alongside the game next week.

"Addressing rumours: BioWare will not be charging extra for any new Mass Effect 2 content on launch day. More DLC details next week," the developer tweeted on Friday.

Those rumours were based on a story in Norwegian newspaper DagBladet (since removed, but Joystiq retains details) that said we should expect new armour, weapons, a new planet and a new ally to follow the game's launch.

Apparently it's all going to be sold through an in-game store called Cerberus Network. Cerberus is the non-Alliance human organisation with which protagonist Commander Shepard joins forces in the upcoming RPG sequel.

BioWare has previously said to expect an "intense" schedule of DLC for the game, having lost out by only releasing a couple of add-ons for the original.

Mass Effect 2 is due out for PC and Xbox 360 on 29th January in Europe. Look out for our review early next week.

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