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First Bard's Tale trailer released

inXile has one minute to impress us...

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Image credit: Eurogamer

It's not the most inspiring start to a promo movie... "In a world of peace... there is a legend 100 years old of an unspeakable evil and the battle between darkness and light, but when an ancient enemy awakens an unlikely hero would be chosen to save humanity once more."

And then the well-oiled Bard pipes up "could you be any more cliché?!" At least someone in the games industry has a sense of humour. Anyway. Those with long memories and more than their fair share of wrinkles will recall that Brian Fargo's inXile is remaking the classic mid 80s RPG The Bard's Tale, and appears to have taken the wise decision not to make it the usual po-faced attempt at D&D that dozens of developers have been peddling since videogaming began.

From the one-minute trailer, the game does admittedly look like many isometric hackandslash RPGs of recent years, but with a fired up Fargo overseeing the project and determined to make it all over again with his new company, this is definitely a project worth keeping tabs on.

Or maybe, in the words of the Bard: "Sounds dangerous... I think I'll pass."

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