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Ninty reveals new Golf title

The question is why?

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You can imagine the scenes in Kyoto (loosely translated):"You know, what the world needs right now is another Golf title."

"But boss, we've got Mario Golf."

"Yeah, sure, but this one's going to be called (spreads arms) 'Legend Of Golfer'."

"Sorry, how stupid of me. Dishonour. I'll shut up now."

And so, dear viewers, we're dutifully bound to report on the anomaly that is Legend Of Golfer. No one has the faintest idea what this will look like or entail, but some are speculating that it's Nintendo's attempt to produce a more serious range of sports titles, perhaps with, um, Golfing legends in it.

Jap gaming bible Famitsu, where the report originated, says the title will be released this summer in Japan. Neither Nintendo of Europe or America have the title cofirmed for a release, but we're sure the looming spectre of E3 will clear things up on that score.

Of course, the surrealist vision is that it's in fact a quirky Japlish adventure detailing the life and times of a Golfer's leg. Ok, that was rubbish. Anyone else got any better ideas?

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