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Playboy game console versions confirmed

PS2 and Xbox get in on the act. (You really can't write anything about this one without it sounding like a rubbish joke.)

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Image credit: Eurogamer

The US publishers of forthcoming Hefner-'em-up Playboy: The Mansion have confirmed that the "two major console systems" mentioned in last year's product announcement were indeed PS2 and Xbox, with corresponding versions due out along with the flagship PC version sometime around Christmas. Ubisoft will be publishing in Europe.

Developed by Cyberlore Studios, Playboy: The Mansion is a mixture of "intriguing social interaction, party-throwing simulation and empire-building challenges," and specifically involves building up the Playboy empire with photoshoots, parties, and whatever else a budding Hugh Hefner gets up to (not a pun). We only hope his revoltingly decorated humvee-based million-mile-long limousine is included so that we can destroy it once and for all.

Still, we do quite fancy playing the game (and probably not for the reasons you're contemplating). Cyberlore CEO Joe Minton said the developer was dedicated to delivering a "fun and sexy experience for the PS2," stating in a similar (but Xbox-flavoured) press release that "the Xbox is the perfect vehicle to bring the game to consumers," and with the game set to appear at E3 next month (Booth #2208, West Hall), we'll be there with our camera at the ready, assuming they don't scare us off with females or something.

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