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Rogue Leader developer Factor 5 plans no further GameCube titles

Sets its sights on other platforms.

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Developer Factor 5, which was responsible for the Rogue Leader and Rebel Strike titles for the GameCube, will not be developing any further software for the Nintendo console and has started work on other platforms.

US website IGN cited Factor 5 president Julian Eggebrecht as stating that the company will no longer be developing for Cube, but Eggebrecht would not discuss what games were in development, or for which platforms.

However, as well as the obvious conclusion that Factor 5 will now be working on console platforms belonging to other manufacturers, it has also been suggested that the company may be doing early development for Nintendo's next console (N5), with one rumour implying that the firm may be developing a PilotWings game as a launch title for the next generation system.

What seems more likely, though, is that Factor 5 - a longtime Nintendo collaborator - is simply expanding its focus to encompass Xbox and PlayStation consoles, much as Silicon Knights, another of Nintendo's North American development partners, is doing.

No software from Factor 5 will be shown at the E3 trade show in Los Angeles next month, IGN reports, so we'll probably have to wait for quite a while to find out what the San Rafael-based company has up its sleeve.

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