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First Ghost Recon 2 details unveiled

I am Tom Clancy's Amusing Subtitle.

Ghost Recon 2 will be released on 'consoles' and PC in time for Christmas, Ubisoft confirmed this afternoon, while promised to deliver "an emotionally charged storyline, a completely redesigned graphics engine and the most intuitive gameplay to date, to fully immerse gamers into the chaos of a high tech war."

Apparently the long awaited sequel will be set in East Asia and will "offer more action than ever before, as it puts players in command of an elite squad of special forces thrust into a tense political situation".

Ubisoft big cheese Alain Corre reckons: "Our teams have been working on bringing immersion to the next level - and the result is simply amazing. You will really feel like you are at the center of a true war machine when playing this game," with bullet holes literally ripping the flesh off your face, no doubt.

Fellow Ubod Laurent Detoc also gushed enthusiastically as top execs tend to do in press releases: "We've retooled and improved every aspect of the game, and have integrated a host of incredible new features - and the result is amazing. You will truly feel like you are the hero of a near-future war movie when playing this game."

For all our weary press release scarred wry cynicism, they might actually be telling the truth, such is Ubi's recent run of cracking games. Damn, they might well be responsible for most of the good games around at the moment. Who'da thunk it eh?

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