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DAOC gets account-splitting feature

Allowing those who share accounts to split them up and play together for a $40 fee with a few restrictions.

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Developer Mythic Entertainment has announced it will offer Dark Age of Camelot subscribers a new "account splitting" service beginning April 27th (next Tuesday). Quite simply, it allows players to transfer one or more characters from an existing account to a new account.

Why would anybody want to do this? Well, separate characters on one account cannot be played simultaneously, so obviously multiple people using the same account will now have the option to play together instead of alternately. "Roommates, spouses, and friends often bring new players to the game by temporarily sharing accounts," Mythic's Matt Firor explained.

"Up until now, these new players had no way to move their characters from their friend's account to a new account of their own. They were forced to create a new character from scratch once they got their own account. Now, with our new splitting feature, Camelot fans can move their characters to a new account and keep playing the same character."

Whether it was intended this way or not, the account splitting initiative also seems to open the door to easier sales of well-developed characters on auction sites like eBay. Perhaps with this in mind though, the account split will actually cost a one-off $40 fee, and there's a limit of moving four characters from an established account to a new account, and the characters will have to remain on the same server.

Mythic recently announced a new DAOC expansion (Catacombs) for release later this year, and earlier this week announced that the free New Frontiers expansion (which aims to revamp the game's Realm vs. Realm combat system) has gone into the next stage of beta testing with a view to going into open testing over the next few weeks.

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