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Capcom confirms Viewtiful Joe PS2

Which is good news - particularly the inclusion of Dante! Although we do wonder why it was all such a big secret in the first place...

Capcom has finally confirmed persistent rumours that Viewtiful Joe is set to appear on PlayStation 2, following its exclusive appearance on the Cube last year. The PS2 version, which is being overseen by Capcom's newly formed and star-studded Clover Studio, will be out in the States this autumn. And what with the recent unveiling of a sequel, PS2 owners ought to be smiling today. What's more, given that VJ2 is due out this Christmas or thereabouts, the PS2 version of the original should be with us in Europe before then.

The critically acclaimed Cube original, for those who missed it, was arguably one of the most inventive and enjoyable hardcore games of 2003, and we always felt bad that not very many people bought it. Hopefully now the series will stand a better chance of prospering.

We've also seen pictures that confirm rumours of Devil May Cry star Dante's inclusion in the PS2 port of the game - and he looks very smart in his new threads. It's not currently known whether the PS2 version will see any more changes, but we expect to see and hear more in the coming weeks as Capcom prepares for the E3 trade show.

You can read our review of the Cube Viewtiful Joe here.

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