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Muckybaby goes back to school

Muckyfoot may have gone on to the great university in the sky, but its baby brother is just about to graduate with a School Daze clone. Seriously.

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Muckybaby, a new developer focused on the creation of budget titles, reared its infant head today with its first project, a PC effort called Skool's Out.

Formed by staffers from the long defunct Mucky Foot - of Urban Chaos and Startopia fame - the company is setting its sights on getting stuff out of the door, for people to play, for not much cash. Business sense. We like it.

Skool's Out sees Derek, a little chap, running around trying to prevent his parents seeing the worst report he's ever had. Reminiscent of the Spectrum classic Skool Daze - we're actually tearful as we write this - the game features the accumulation of cash to bribe the caretaker to get Derek close to the head's computer and the report.

It sounds ace. The demo's here for a piffling 30MB. There's no release date for the full game as yet.

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