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Jolt to host UK Steam server

Which ought to speed things up on this side of the Atlantic.

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Gaming service provider Jolt has announced a deal to host Steam content servers for the UK, hopefully giving the likes of us nippier access to patches for Half-Life-based games, and a chance to get our mitts on Half-Life 2 without having to rely on transatlantic routing.

Steam is of course Valve Software's content distribution platform, which hooks up with Half-Life-based games and allows players to download updates automatically, launch games, chat to friends, and sign up for premium content including Counter-Strike: Condition Zero.

The service billowed into something quite exciting last year when it emerged that Valve plans to release Half-Life 2 simultaneously at retail and online via Steam. The Seattle-based developer is expected to run a pre-order scheme that will take payment and download encrypted game content in advance, unlocking the highly anticipated first person shooter just past midnight on the day that it launches.

As to when that is - we can only imagine at this point. Summer 2004 was the last estimate, and we're expecting to see more of the game and get a better handle on Valve's plans when we land in Los Angeles next month for E3.

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