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GT4 Prologue priced and dated

European gamers can look forward to zipping round Polyphony Digital's latest next month, Sony has confirmed today, but according to retail sources you'll have to pre-order GT4 to get it...

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Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has officially announced plans to release Gran Turismo 4: Prologue Signature Edition next month priced £24.99 (about €37). The game will be made available in limited numbers across Europe, but sounds like a must for Gran Turismo fans eager to get a taste of the forthcoming fourth title in the driving simulation series.

Interestingly, retail sources speaking to us recently have been told that gamers will actually have to pre-order the full GT4 in order to buy Prologue, such are the limited numbers involved, although they may qualify for a discount on the full game when it is eventually released. However, such is the consternation amongst retailers about this move that Sony may be in the process of reconsidering this policy - and has failed to respond to our inquiries on the subject thus far.

On the driving front, the Prologue edition will include 46 driving tests and 64 cars, which is plenty, along with a "Making of GT4" movie previewing the full game at around the same time members of press and trade will be expecting to see it in action at the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles.

What's more, each copy will also ship with a personal message from series creator Kazunori Yamauchi explaining the creative thinking behind the production of Prologue, and we're informed that the presence of a Prologue save on a PS2 memory card will give players "a head start" when it comes to playing Gran Turismo 4 - hopefully towards the end of this year.

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