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First details of Battlefield 2

EA UK remains schtum about possible E3 unveiling, but another PC Battlefield title is definitely on the cards, with details seeping out over the weekend.

EA will blow the lid on the tentatively titled "Battlefield 2" in the July issue of the American Computer Gaming World magazine, due to appear on newsstands around June 1st, according to reports. Speaking to Eurogamer this morning, EA UK would neither confirm nor deny that it planned to show the game at this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo in mid May, but the timing of the preview is very much in line with that sort of game plan, as veterans of the Half-Life 2/E3 2003 saga probably remember. EA is expected to officially announce its E3 plans in the coming days.

According to CGW's website, Battlefield 2 is not considered a follow-up to either Battlefield 1942 or the recently released Battlefield Vietnam. Instead, rather like the PS2's Battlefield: Modern Combat (announced last week), Battlefield 2 will be geared more towards present day combat with the latest model weaponry and vehicles. CGW mentions M-4 carbines with IR scopes, M-60 machineguns with steadying bipods and M-1 tanks with reactive countermeasures.

"After the recent success of Battlefield Vietnam, we will be announcing some exciting news for the Battlefield series in the very near future," an EA UK spokesperson told us this morning, although the publisher would not be drawn on any Battlefield 2 details, including whether or not BF1942 and Vietnam developer Digital Illusions is handling the PC sequel. With E3 just weeks away though, we'd expect the uber-publisher to be a lot chattier in the near future.

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