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Diablo 3: Blizzard may trigger 40 second connection delays on launch log in

"To ensure a stable experience."

Blizzard may trigger delays of up to 40 seconds when trying to log in during the launch of Diablo 3.

In a Diablo 3 launch day update Blizzard said it may do so to ensure a stable launch from midnight Monday, 14th May. If your attempt to log in fails after 40 seconds, you'll get an error 37 message. Don't worry - try to log in again.

"It's possible we'll need to adjust the rate at which we're logging people in to ensure a stable experience, and if we do you may see a delay when attempting to login," Blizzard warned. "Please be aware that a delay of up to 40 seconds is possible while the game attempts to connect you. If your connection doesn't succeed in 40 seconds, you'll be presented with an Error 37 message and asked to try again.

"If you see this error it does in fact mean that you should try again. We'll be working around the clock to keep you informed of any issues that are occurring through the in-game breaking news window, as well as the official forums."

Blizzard recommends players create their BattleTag now to avoid delay at launch. "We expect that on launch night both the game service and website will be under very heavy strain due to the immense number of people excited to be among the first playing Diablo 3. With that in mind, we highly recommend you create your BattleTag now, as it's required to play Diablo 3."

You'll be able to play Diablo 3 from midnight Monday, 14th May. That's when Blizzard turns on the servers for Europe.

If you fancy a bit of Global Play, won't be able to play Diablo 3 until after the PC exclusive launches in the Americas - that is at 12.01 am Pacific Time on Tuesday 15th May.

Pacific Time is eight hours behind UK time - so, effectively, you won't be able to play Diablo 3 outside your region until 8.01 am on Tuesday morning. The developer will not turn on Global Play, which enables gamers to play in any region, until the game has launched in all regions - and the Americas brings up the rear.

"We'll provide an update once Global Play is enabled, and you'll then be able to change the region you connect to through the game's options," Blizzard said. "Please note that characters, items, and friends lists do not transfer across regions and players who use Global Play to connect outside of their home region will only be able to access the gold-based auction house."

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