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For Diablo 3 gamer Francis, Error 37 is the last straw


Error 37. Error 3007. Error 315300. The launch of Blizzard's long-awaited Diablo 3 was marred by a day of server problems and at least one game-breaking bug, forcing gamers to wait up to 24 hours to play a game they had legitimately paid for.

Player frustration grew as thousands struggled to log on. Some had waited in line at the game's midnight launches, queuing hours to secure their copy.

The disappointment and anger grew too much for some, not least YouTube user Francis, who vented his rage at Blizzard in the YouTube clip below.

The video sees Francis rage against Diablo 3's nonsensical error numbers and curse Blizzard for failing to plan the launch better. At one point Francis tries to eat his Collector's Edition's skull ornament and insert his branded Diablo 3 USB stick into his own face.

It's not the first video from "Francis", one of several characters acted out by YouTube user boogie2988, but it's one of the best.

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