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Mega Man dev Inafune creating PlayStation Vita horror Soul Sacrifice

Pull out your spinal cord, use it as a sword.

Mysterious magical brawler Soul Sacrifice has been revealed as a dark, fantastical horror title from Harvest Moon developer Marvelous AQ and Mega Man creator Keiji Inafune.

The ex-Capcom developer, more recently responsible for the Dead Rising and Lost Planet series, is targeting a winter release for Soul Sacrifice in Japan, writes Famitsu (via Andriasang).

Players embody a cruel sorcerer's slave. You escape being sacrificed by plunging into the pages of a demonic book and grow stronger by experiencing the novel's battles first-hand.

The game's gruesome magical attacks involve sacrificing parts of your body. For "Excalibur", players pull out their spinal cord through their throat and brandish it as a sword.

Another attack, "Gleipnir", requires you chop off five fingers and punch your foe with the exposed bony stumps. "Gorgon" allows you to yank out your eyeballs to shoot out magic beams, while "Gungnir" is an attack that exposes your bones and nerves.

Abusing this magic will deform your character, turning them into a more demonic-looking creature.

Soul Sacrifice is currently 50 per cent complete and will support between one and four players. The latest teaser trailer lies below:

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