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Sony unveils trio of upcoming free PlayStation Vita apps

Meet Travel Bug, Ecolibrium and Imainstruments.

PlayStation Vita players are due to receive three free apps, Sony has announced: Travel Bug, Ecolibrium and Imaginstruments.

The downloads will be available "very soon" from the PlayStation Store, according to Sony's official PS blog.

Travel Bug allows you to create a cheerful insect friend to take with you when you leave the house. You can place him in photos and track your progress in a map. Near functionality will allow you to compete with friends to reach destinations first.

Ecolibrium is a virtual pet simulator where you must maintain a balanced habitat for your animal friends. Critters in an unbalanced environment will need feeding by hand. There are plenty of species to collect and trade with friends, again using Near.

Finally there's Imaginstruments, a synthesiser featuring drums, a guitar, theremin and violin. You can then record and fiddle with tracks and share them with others.